b'Essent Biologics Gilead SciencesIM TherapeuticsCentennialCaliforniaAurora essentbiologics.orggilead.comimtherapeutics.com Starting with the donor, Essent Biologics acts asGilead Sciences, Inc. is a research-basedImmunoMolecular Therapeutics is a the catalyst to advance regenerative medicine,biopharmaceutical company focusedprivate clinical stage biotech company biopharmaceutical and cell therapy researchon the discovery, development, anddeveloping a therapeutic approach for from benchtop to bedside. The companycommercialization of innovative medicines. the treatment of Type I Diabetes.supplies products in small or large volumes and serves as a manufacturing partner by GlaxoSmithKline (GSK)Immunoah Therapeuticscreating master cell banks and an inventory ofUnited KingdomAurora custom products within a tailored specification. gsk.comimmunoah.com Produces medicines that treat six major diseaseFocuses on researching and developing Exxel Pharma Inc.areasasthma, virus control, infections, mentalproprietary antibodies in the field Aurorahealth, diabetes and digestive conditions asof cancer immunotherapy.exxelpharma.comwell as vaccines and new treatments for cancer.The company is focused on the developmentInDevR, Inc. of small-molecule therapeutics for safe,GlobeImmune, Inc.Boulder non-addictive treatment of a pain, PTSD andLouisvilleindevr.com substance (e.g. opioid) use disorders. Exxelglobeimmune.comProviding progressive analytical technologies is specifically targeting disease areas withGlobeImmune is developing Tarmogenthat enhance and accelerate vaccine significant unmet medical needs and aims toproduct candidates to treat cancercharacterization and production. The become the leader in therapeutics that enhanceand infectious diseases. company is also committed to developing endocannabinoid signalling by FAAH inhibition. next-generation diagnostic products that willGRAIL, Inc.enable unprecedented tracking of seasonal and Flagship Biosciences, IncCaliforniaemerging influenza viruses around the globe. Westminstergrail.com flagshipbio.comGRAIL is a healthcare company whoseIngenoVax Flagship Biosciences, Inc. is a leading data- mission is to detect cancer early, when it canBroomfield centric pathology diagnostic and clinical trialbe cured.GRAIL is focused on alleviatingingenovax.com services company delivering the most accuratethe global burden of cancer by developingDeveloping two novel immunotherapies for and informative data available. Our servicespioneering technology to detect and identifymedullary thyroid cancer and one prescription and technology dramatically improve onmultiple deadly cancer types early. eye-drop for ocular surface neoplasms.traditional methods, eliminating variability, and bring new insights to tissue analysis. WeGreffex, Inc. Inscriptaprovide expert scientific consultation for everyAuroraBoulder client and identify the best course for success.greffex.cominscripta.com Global leader in the delivery of acceleratedInscripta is a gene editing technology company FluoroFinder, LLCpandemic and bio-terror vaccines usingdedicated to creating the tools needed to Broomfieldthe worlds first universal platform,revolutionize how we feed, fuel, and heal fluorofinder.comthe GREVAX Vaccine Platform. humanity. This includes developing a family of Software as a Service (SaaS) experiment designCRISPR enzymes (called MADzymes), bespoke tool for flow cytometry, that dramatically HepQuant, LLCnucleases for researchers and commercialimproves a medical researchers productivityAurorapartners, and a full suite of gene editing and quality, while reducing costs. hepquant.comtools (software, instruments, and reagents) HepQuant-E is non-invasive, uses stablethat will significantly increase the speedGates Biomanufacturing Facility(not radioactive) isotopes, and relies onand efficiency of precision gene editing.Auroranatural, well-defined hepatic functions gatesbiomanufacturing.comto measure the portal circulation.Intra-Cellular TherapiesHelps clients accelerate the translation ofNew York their discoveries into human clinical trials as Horizon Therapeuticsintracellulartherapies.comefficiently and cost effectively as possible. IllinoisOur Mission is to develop innovative horizontherapeutics.comtreatments to improve the lives of individuals GENASSIST, Inc.Horizon Therapeutics is a biopharmaceuticalsuffering from neuropsychiatric and Greenwood Villagecompany focused on improving patientsneurologic disorders in order to reduce the genassist.comlives by identifying, developing, acquiringburden on patients and their caregivers.A preconceptional, prenatal andand commercializing differentiated and pediatric service business that providesaccessible medicines that address unmetInvenux, LLC consulting services to patients referredmedical needs. We market 11 medicinesAurora by healthcare providers to help thethrough our rare disease, rheumatologyResearch and development patient interpret laboratory test resultsand primary care business units. for orphan diseases.and develop a management plan. IASO Biomedical, Inc. InVitria GenentechCentennialAuroraCaliforniaiasobiomedusa.cominvitria.com gene.comDeveloping a drug as an alternativeDevelops, manufactures and markets a Using human genetic information to discover,to currently-available testosteroneportfolio of high performance and well develop, manufacture and commercializereplacement therapy by stimulating thedefined cell culture products and reagents medicines to treat patients with seriousbodys own production of testosterone. used in bioprocessing, biopharmaceutical or life-threatening medical conditions. formulation, stem cell & regenerative medicine, life science research and diagnostics.46 BIOSCIENCECOLORADO 2021-2022'