b'Quorum ProstheticsSapien, LLC Snoasis MedicalWindsorFort CollinsDenver opquorum.comsapienllc.comsnoasismedical.com Orthotics and prosthetics designed andAims to enhance the human experienceFocused on the development and manufactured in-house by master technicians. by providing innovative solutionscommercialization of regenerative to human problems using sensorytissue and medical device products QuSpin, Inc.substitution, human machine interfaces,for use in dental surgery.Louisvilleand human-machine integration.quspin.comSoftRay Inc. Develops very high performanceSapphire Technology, LLCFort Collins atomic sensors. Denversoftraybiodetection.com sapphire-technology.comSoftRay develops, licenses, and manufactures Radiological Imaging Technology, Inc.The SGS Instrument line is developedsystems for the detection of microorganisms for Colorado Springsspecifically to overcome the inherentindustrial applications requiring sterile fluids as radimage.comcomposite adhesion and pullback issueswell as for blood products. Currently developing Provides clinical and research physicistsassociated with other composite instrumentsa product for the detection of biocontamination with a high precision automated QA toolcurrently at market in the dental field. of blood platelet donations prior to transfusion.for advanced radiation therapies.SartoriusSonaura Rand-Scot, Inc.ArvadaFort Collins Fort Collinssartorius.usmysonaura.com randscot.comDesigns and manufacturers analyticalDeveloped an electronic two way Designs and manufactures products forbalances, electrochemistry instruments,communication system between patient and persons with disabilities including BBDmoisture analyzers, and titration controllers. doctor, which represents a major advance in Cushions and Mattress Overlays, EasyPivotIVF treatment allowing women undergoing Patient Lifts, and Saratoga Exercise Products. Scientech, Inc.IVF treatment to perform their sonograms at Boulderhome during the follicle stimulation cycle.Research Electro-Opticsscientech-inc.com BoulderManufactures analytical instruments:St. Renatus, LLC reoinc.comsemimicro balances, analytical balances,Fort Collins Volume manufacturer of high precision thinsemi-analytical balances, and toploadingst-renatus.com film coatings, optics and optomechanicalbalances for the medical industry. First needle-free, dental anesthetic suitable for assemblies for the ultravioletuse in procedures involving most of the upper through the long-wave infrared.SeaStar Medicalteeth. Uses an accurate and sophisticatedDenvermethod to anesthetize the upper teeth Rocky Mountain Instrument Companyseastarmedical.comwithout the risk and pain of a needle.(RMI)SeaStar Medical is a commercial- stage medical Lafayettedevice company focused on developingStnDrd Infusion rmico.comblood-based perfusion technologies toParker Designs and manufactures opticsaddress life-threatening medical conditions. Early-stage medical device company in the and coatings (ultraviolet through fardrug infusion market with a standardized infrared) for the medical industry.Securisyn Medicalpump capable of performing the productLittletonrequirements currently met by syringe, Rocky Mountain Orthodontics, Inc. (RMO)securisyn.comcassette, and ambulatory pump configurations.DenverDeveloping a safer system for rmortho.comdelivering life-sustaining oxygen toStrivision Serves all areas of orthodontics includingmechanically ventilated patients. Aurora pediatric orthodontic prevention, interceptivestrivision.com pediatric orthodontics, mixed dentitionSharklet Technologies, Inc.Creating a new form of visual analytics for orthodontics, adult orthodontics, reconstructiveAurorabreathing analysis using a combined hardware-dentistry orthodontics, TMJ orthodontics,sharklet.comsoftware solution for respiratory diagnostics. surgical orthodontics and breathing/ Engineers surface technologies (Sharklet) thatThe technology is building a new foundation sleep problem related orthodontics. controls the growth of dangerous bacteria. for image-based respiratory analysis. Sana Health, Inc.Sinopsys SurgicalStryker Sports MedicineLafayetteBoulderGreenwood Village sana.iosinopsyssurgical.comstryker.com Sana is a neuromodulation wearable forLacrimal Sinus Diversion offers functionalStrykers Sports Medicine business the control of chronic pain, addictiontherapy for sufferers of chronic sinusitisdelivers a wide range of innovative sports and anxiety. Sana uses audio/visualwith minimal response to currentmedicine implants, instrumentation, stimulation to guide the user into a state ofpharmaceutical and surgical options. resection and biologic solutions.relaxation effects, the device consistently increases underlying neuroplasticitySI-Technology, LLCSuez Water Technologieswhich enables it to dramatically impactFort CollinsBoulder base pain and anxiety levels over time. si-technology.cosuezwatertechnologies.com Orthopedic medical device companyIndustry-leading water technology and developing new techniques and implantsprocess expertise to solve your toughest as part of the patent pending SI-DESISwater, wastewater and process challenges.Sacroiliac Joint Implant System to help assist physicians address the need for treatment, fixation and proper fusion of painful and dysfunctional sacroiliac joints (SIJ).2021-2022 BIOSCIENCECOLORADO41'