b'SiVEC Biotechnologies Tolmar Viridian TherapeuticsFort CollinsFort Collins/WindsorBoulder sivecbiotechnologies.comtolmar.comviridiantherapeutics.com SiVEC Biotechnologies aims to revolutionize theA fully integrated pharmaceuticalViridian Therapeutics is advancing new delivery of nucleic acids and other biologicallycompany focused on the development,treatments for patients suffering from active cargo to enable the developmentapproval, and commercialization ofserious diseases but underserved by todays of safer and more effective therapies. specialty pharmaceutical products. therapies. In our lead programs, we are developing multiple product candidatesSTAQ PharmaTopoGEN, Incthat target the insulin-like growth factor-1DenverBuena Vistareceptor (IGF-1R) to treat patients who staqpharma.comtopogen.comsuffer from thyroid eye disease (TED), a 503B Outsourcing facility. FocusedTopoGEN is a proven leader in Mechanisticdebilitating auto-immune disease.on sterile, pre-filled syringes. Drug Development and Cancer Research, and the Provision of Cell-Context DNAVisuGen Global, LLC Sudhin Biopharma CompanyRepair Kits. We also produce qualityAurora Superiortopoisomerases and related assay andvisugenglobal.com sudhinbio.comdrug screening kits as technology transferAdvancing a new approach to concentrate Sudhin Biopharma Co developsplatforms from our lab to yours. and detect gene targets in a method that novel continuous and more efficientis simple to perform anywhere needed.biopharmaceutical manufacturing technologies.Ultragenyx PharmaceuticalsCalifornia VitriVax, Inc.SuviCa, Inc.ultragenyx.comBoulder BoulderUltragenyx is a biopharmaceutical companyvitrivaxbio.com suvica.comcommitted to bringing to patients novelA platform technology enabling the preparation Discovery and development of smallproducts for the treatment of rare andof thermostable, single-shot vaccines.molecules for the treatment of cancer. ultra-rare diseases, with a focus on serious, debilitating genetic diseases. Ultragenyxs Vitro Biopharma Taiga Biotechnologies, Inc.strategy is predicated upon time and cost- GoldenAuroraefficient drug development, with the goalvitrobiopharma.com taigabiotech.comof delivering safe and effective therapiesDevelops and commercializes adult stem Taiga Biotechnologies, Inc. is a clinical stageto patients with the utmost urgency. cell technology for applications in stem cell company focused on improving bloodresearch, drug discovery & development stem cell transplantation and harnessing Validus Cellular Therapeuticsand therapeutic products for treatment ofthe power of the immune system toAuroradisease, injury and tissue regeneration.fight infectious disease and cancer. validustherapeutics.com Validus Cellular Therapeutics is Vivaldi BiosciencesThe BioCollective, LLCinnovating solutions to resistantFort Collins Denverinfections using cellular therapies. vivaldibiosciences.com thebiocollective.comDeveloping advanced vaccines for Biobanking company for microbiomeVentria Bioscienceprevention of common seasonal influenza samples. Initial research focus is on epigeneticAurora(flu) and emergent pandemic flu.impact of microbiome metabolites throughventria.com technology developed by its partner, Topogen,Develops a protein expression technology Watchmaker Genomicsusing a topoisomerase reporter system. platform called ExpressTec with a productBoulder pipeline in human nutrition and therapeutics. watchmakergenomics.comThermo Fisher ScientificWatchmaker Genomics combines deep domainLafayette Vertex Pharmaceuticalsexpertise in protein engineering with enzymethermofisher.comMassachusettsmanufacturing to address the demanding Scientific leadership and innovation in RNAi,vrtx.comquality, performance and scale requirements Gene Expression, qPCR/PCR Detection, andAims to discover, develop and commercializeof high-growth genomics applications.Molecular Biology technologies come togetherinnovative medicines so people with with the Thermo Scientific Dharmacon,serious diseases can lead better lives.YewSavin, Inc.Open Biosystems, ABgene, Finnzymes, andFort Collins Fermentas product lines to provide world- Vesicle Therapeuticsyewsavin.com leading solutions for gene analysis. BoulderDevelops chemical and biochemical Vesicle Therapeutics is a biotechnology startuptechnologies. Successfully finished multi- Think Biosciencecompany focused on developing engineeredstep syntheses using Bromination,Boulderextracellular vesicle therapeutics and vaccines. Grignard reaction, Suzuki coupling, thinkbioscience.comAmidation, and Esterification reactions.Think Bioscience uses engineered Vida Biomedicalmicroorganisms to discover, evolve,DenveryuScience, LLC and build targeted small-moleculevidabiomedical.comAurora therapeutics. We help pharmaceuticalVida Biomedical LLC is an early clinical stageyuscience.com companies drug the undruggable. biotechnology company that discovers,Focusing on the development of develops, and accelerates treatmentsearly disease biomarkers in patients TissueFormfor serious medical conditions. Vidawith multiple sclerosis (MS).Boulderworks in concert with inventor partners tissueforminc.comto advance life-changing science.A micro particle tissue technology that targets scarring, wrinkles and tissue loss due to aging or injury.2021-2022 BIOSCIENCECOLORADO49'