b'RECORD-BREAKING FUNDRAISING IN 2020Colorados life sciences community accelerated growth with federal and state grants,mergers and acquisitions, initial public offerings, and successful financing rounds.PUBLIC AND PRIVATE CAPITALBY SECTOR TYPEMEDTECHCOMPANY NAME DEAL TYPE AMOUNTTOTALArcherDX and Invitae Acquisition $1,400,000,000$1,493,557,500Biodesix Initial Public Offering $63,800,000Cipher Skin Private Capital $1,000,000 LightDeck Diagnostics Series B$11,000,000 Physia Seed$810,000 Sana Health Seed$1,800,000 Sana Health New Venture Funds $5,800,000 Securisyn Medical Seed$2,500,000 Securisyn Medical Venture - Series Unknown $3,097,500 Vaporox Seed$1,000,000 Vaporox Seed$1,250,000 Vaporox Seed$1,500,000 BIOTECHNOLOGY, PHARMACEUTICAL, & RELATEDCOMPANY NAME DEAL TYPE AMOUNT Arpeggio Seed$3,200,000 Aytu Bioscience Bought Deal Offering $28,500,000BioPlx Venture - Series Unknown $1,075,889TOTALBrickell Biotech IPO $20,100,000$507,861,203Brickell Biotech Stock Sales $8,000,000 Cerebral Therapeutics Series B$35,000,000 Edgewise Therapeutics Series C $95,000,000 Inscripta Series D $58,000,000 MiRagen (now Viridian Therapeutics) Post IPO Equity $90,997,328 MycoTechnology Series D $39,000,000SomaLogic Series A$121,000,000 Summit Biolabs Debt Financing $235,000 Taiga Biotechnologies Debt Financing $1,080,000 Watchmaker Genomics Venture - Series Unknown $6,672,986 DIGITAL HEALTHTOTALCOMPANY NAME DEAL TYPE AMOUNT$20,600,000ClinOne Series A$3,600,000 Health Scholars Series B$17,000,000 30 BIOSCIENCECOLORADO 2021-2022'