b'OnKure Therapeutics PhotonPharma, Inc.Reven PharmaceuticalsBoulderFort CollinsWestminster onkuretherapeutics.comphotonpharmaceuticals.comreven.com Engaged in the discovery and developmentPhotonPharma is an immune oncologyA global healthcare company with of epigenetic therapies for the treatmentcompany. Our break-through technology,more than 10 years of innovation of cancer that include selective inhibitorsInnocell, stimulates a patients ownand leadership in vascular care.of histone deacetylases (HDACs). immune system to seek out and destroy cancer cells. After validating Innocell inRheumagen Op-T, LLCanimal studies and a dog trial treatingAurora Auroraspontaneously forming cancers, we are readyrheumagen.com Op-T has developed a diagnosticto proceed to human trials. The therapy isRheumaGen is a gene-editing technology and therapeutic platform targetingeffective, simple, fast and inexpensive. that permanently haltsnot just manages autoimmune diseases. the symptoms ofRA. It accomplishesPlato Biopharmathis through the use of stem cells.Otsuka PharmaceuticalsWestminsterMarylandplatobiopharma.comRock Immune otsuka-us.comPBIs integrative pre-clinical researchAurora Otsukas pharmaceutical businessplatform generates decision-enabling dataRock Immunes mission is to develop develops and markets products for thevia physiological evaluation of diseaseand commercialize diphtheria toxin diagnosis and treatment of disease inmodels, assessment of acute and chronicbased recombinant immunotoxins the following areas: central nervousin vivo pharmacologic responses, andas therapeutic drugs for treatment of system, oncology, gastroenterology,evaluation of histologic and contemporarycancer and autoimmune diseases.ophthalmology and cardiovascular. biomarkers across core organ systems.Rocky Mountain Diagnostics, Inc. PantheryxProlumeColorado Springs BoulderAurorarmdiagnostics.com pantheryx.comprolume.comProvides immunodiagnostic assays and PanTheryx is a biotechnology companyProlume is a biotechnology companyreagents for biogenic amines, research committed to realizing the potential of novelwhose core business is based upon newlyreagents, a CLIA certified reference laboratory interventions to address a wide range of seriousdiscovered genes from deep water marineand contract manufacturing services.GI microbiome related health conditions. bioluminescent organisms.This has broadSachi Bioworks applications for biomedical research,Pathways Bioscience, Inc.Boulder drug discovery, and entertainment.Aurorasachibio.com pathwaysbio.comSachi Bioworks is a Genetic Tools andPyxant Labs, Inc.Focused on discovering and developing newColorado SpringsTherapeutics company. Our proprietary agents for modifying gene expression andpyxant.complatform integrates innovations in systems regulating stress response pathways thatProvides GLP regulatory bioanalytical supportand synthetic biology, chemistry, and contribute to cell defense mechanisms. for non-clinical through clinical developmentnanotechnology to develop high-precision programs. Specialties include rare tissues,hybrid molecules that probe genes in Peak Analytical, Inc.RNA and oligonucleotide therapeutics,diverse organisms. The platform offers Goldennucleoside antivirals, and agriculturalhigh specificity and transport enabling peaklab.netand industrial biotech applications. precise, accelerated, cloning-free genetic Specializes in materials and chemicaltools to manipulate gene expression.analysis. Performs a variety of molecularQuicksilver Scientific and atomic level spectroscopic techniquesLafayetteSaigene Biotech, Inc. to identify failures and defects. quicksilverscientific.comDenver Clinical and environmental mercury labsaigene.com Peak Serumand dietary supplement manufacturing. Developing testing processes to Fort Collinsidentify harmful algae blooms.peakfbs.comRegenexx Our core focus is Fetal Bovine Serum (FBS)Westminster Sanofifor cGMP-QSR / clinical trial research andregenexx.comNew Jersey diagnostic applications. We provide FBSAdvances stem cell therapies throughsanofi.com for all levels of research compliance anddevelopment of Regenexx, anSanofi US is comprised of five business units laboratory settings. Our strong reputationinjection procedure to treat a widethat focus on human vaccines, rare diseases, is built on our solutions based approachvariety of painful conditions. multiple sclerosis, oncology, immunology, and individual needs of our customers. infectious diseases, diabetes and cardiovascularRespirogensolutions, consumer healthcare, established Pfizer, Inc.Boulderprescription products and generics.Boulder/New Yorkrespirogen.com pfizer.comRespirogen Oxygen Microbubble (OMB) Sepanta, Inc.Discovers, develops, manufactures,technology will deliver oxygen to patientsFort Collins and markets prescription medicinessuffering from hypoxia and ARDS in lungsepantainc.com for humans and animals. compromise. OMB provide an alternativeSepantas mission is to develop non-therapy to ventilator protocols, deliveringviral therapeutics delivery vectors based PhosphoSolutions, LLCoxygen in critical patients while reducingon the proprietary biocompatible and Auroratime and cost of care in the ICU. Thebiodegradable smart polymer platform.phosphosolutions.comcompany has demonstrated efficacy in Designs and produces phosphoproteinslarge animal lung injury models and isSinfonia Biotherapeutics solutions using phosphor-specific antibodies.proceeding to human clinical trials. Boulder Phosphoproteins are thought to besinfoniabiotherapeutics.com critical elements in neurological diseasesDeveloping novel, bioreactor-delivered such as Alzheimers and in cancer. treatments for familial and genetically-defined orphan neurodegenerative diseases. 48 BIOSCIENCECOLORADO 2021-2022'