b'CU Innovations Fitzsimons Innovation CommunityNational Institute of Standards andAuroraAuroraTechnology (NIST) cuanschutz.edu/cu-innovationsfitzsimonsinnovation.comBoulder Brings together industry partners,At Fitzsimons Innovation Community,nist.gov entrepreneurs, and investors to help CUvisionaries boldly transform science into theNIST is a non-regulatory federal agency that researchers solve important problemsfuture of health and care. Our communityoperates eight different science and advanced and improve the quality of life worldwide.pushes boundaries in a unified pursuittechnology research divisions in Colorado. With expertise in patents, copyrights andof health breakthroughs. From conceptNISTs list of research accomplishments licensing, CU Innovations helps translatethrough commercialization, organizationsincludes a NIST senior scientist winning the discovery into impact through transparent,choose Fitzsimons for its entrepreneurialNobel Prize in 2001 for creating the worlds flexible, best practice intellectual propertyenvironment, leading-edge facilities, andfirst Bose-Einstein condensate. In 2003 management services, and connect researcherscampus-wide support. Visionaries discover,another NIST scientist won a MacArthur at CUs Anschutz Medical campus with adevelop, and collaborate with direct access toFellowship for discovering a new quantum variety of commercialization programsthe renowned clinicians and researchers atgas and was named by Science as one of in the University and the community. the University of Colorado Anschutz Medicalthe top ten scientific advances of the year.Campus. We are united to advance health. National Jewish Health DARTNet Institute AuroraFront Range Community CollegeDenver dartnet.infoBrighton/Fort Collins/Longmont/Westminsternjhealth.org The DARTNet Institute is a rapidly growingfrontrange.eduNational Jewish Health, the nations #1 collaboration of practice-based researchFront Range Community College, Coloradosrespiratory hospital in the US, attracts networks that are building a national collectionlargest community college, providesthousands of adult and pediatric patients each of data from electronic health records,instruction, in both general education andyear who come to us to team up with our claims, and patient-reported outcomes. occupational areas, which may lead to aexpert physicians and researchers and seek certificate, an associate degree, or transfertreatment for respiratory, cardiac, immune and Denver Botanic Gardensto a four-year institution. The college alsorelated conditions. National Jewish Health is Denverprovides college preparatory education,also one of the most influential independent botanicgardens.orgnon-credit instruction for personal andbiomedical research centers in the world. One of the top-ranked botanical gardensprofessional development, and workplaceMore than 100 faculty members conduct in the U.S., Denver Botanic Gardens offersskill development. With campuses located inbasic, translational, and clinical research in spectacular plant displays and unlimitedFort Collins, Longmont and Westminster, theimmunology, respiratory medicine, allergy, opportunities for lifelong learning. college is proud of its many partnerships tocancer, and cell and molecular biology.provide quality programs that are responsive Denver Museum of Nature and Scienceto the needs of its local communities.National Jewish Health AdvancedDenverDiagnostic Laboratories dmns.org Innosphere VenturesDenverThe Denver Museum of Nature & Science isFort Collins/Denver/Bouldernjlabs.org the Rocky Mountain regions leading resourceinnosphere.orgNational Jewish Health is known worldwide for informal science education. A variety ofA high-tech incubator supportingfor treatment of patients with respiratory, exhibitions, programs, and activities helpentrepreneurs building high-growth companiescardiac, immune and related disorders, and Museum visitors experience the naturalin the industries of health innovation, lifefor groundbreaking medical research. The wonders of Colorado, Earth, and the universe.sciences, software & hardware, and energy &Advanced Diagnostic Laboratories provide advanced materials. Innospheres incubationinnovative services within the extraordinary Denver Research Instituteprogram focuses on ensuring companiesclinical and research environment of National Denverare investor ready, connecting them withJewish Health. Leveraging our expertise in dri-va.orgexperienced advisors, and making introductionsboth laboratory medicine and personalized Denver Research Institute (DRI) serves asto corporate and strategic partners. medicine, we offer an ever-expanding the non-profit organization affiliated with themenu of diagnostic tests, as well as contract VA Eastern Colorado Health Care System. It Keystone Symposia on Molecular andresearch services. Our laboratories are CAPis dedicated to research and its associatedCellular Biologyand CLIA certified, and have earned the educational and scientific endeavors. Silverthorneprestigious CAP 15189 accreditation.keystonesymposia.org A non-profit organization that serves as a catalyst for the advancement of biomedical and life sciences, by connecting scientists within and across disciplines at conferences and workshops held at venues that create an environment conducive to information exchange, generation of new ideas, and acceleration of applications that benefit society.56 BIOSCIENCECOLORADO 2021-2022'