b'2020 PROOF-OF-CONCEPT GRANT RECIPIENTSInvestigators at Colorado research institutions are awarded up to $150,000 to speed up promising researchNational Jewish Health -University of Colorado Boulderand commercialize products andTechnology Transfer Office Christopher Lowry, Ph.D. services with the private sector. Michael Strong, Ph.D.Lead compound discovery from Rapid whole genome sequencingenvironmental mycobacteria strainsdiagnostic for nontuberculousfor treatment of PTSD.mycobacterial infections. Sara Sawyer, Ph.D. Anthony Gerber, M.D., Ph.D.Sickstick is an inexpensive at-home test Small molecule discovery to augmentthat will indicate whether someone has University of Colorado Denver expression of the anti-inflammatorybeen infected with a virus or bacteria.Maria Valeria Canto-Soler, Ph.D.ubiquitin editor, A20. Rafael Piestun, Ph.D. Advanced biomaterial systems for stemSanny Chan, M.D., Ph.D.Development of an instrument (ultrathin cell-derived retinal transplants. Quantifying exposure levels to endoscope or UTE) that provides Cem Altunbas, Ph.D.dog-specific allergens. scientists and medical doctors with An ultracompact CT scanner for Tasha Fingerlin, Ph.D. imaging and photo-therapy capabilities for point-of-care imaging. Enabling comprehensive diagnosis currently inaccessible regions of the body.Jay Hesselberth, Ph.D.of sub-acute infection in chronicRoy Parker, Ph.D. Methods to measure functionalrespiratory disease via high sensitivity PARN as a target for treatment of specific heterogeneity among single cells. next generation sequencing. categories of human cancers.Tom Flaig, M.D.Xuedong Liu, Ph.D. Multifunctional nanoclusters Programmable gectosomes for deliveryfor detection and treatment of therapeutic nucleic acids and proteins.of bladder cancer. Min Han, Ph.D. Devatha Nair, Ph.D.Transformative treatment of anemia: Oral biofilm disruption and selectiveColorado State Universityusing enterobactin to enterobactin to inhibition of S. mutans biofilms. Ventures, Inc. relieve adverse side effects caused by iron supplementation.Kimberley Bruce, Ph.D.Kathryn Wotman, D.V.M. LPL activators as novel therapeutics Development of a novel topical ocular for AD. immunotherapy for the treatment of viral Maria Nagel, M.D.diseases of the eye.Repurposing Neurokinin-1 receptorChristian Puttlitz, Ph.D. antagonists to treat varicella zoster Direct electromagnetic coupling forColorado School of Mines - Office virus infection. diagnostic prediction of fracture healing. of Technology TransferZhirui Wang, Ph.D.Garret Miyake, Ph.D.Nils Tilton, Ph.D. IL2-CCR4 bispecific immunotoxinDihydroacridine organic photocatalystsPrototyping smart spacers for improved targeting cutaneous T-cell lymphoma. for light-driven synthesis of medicinallywater treatment.Kristine Kuhn, M.D., Ph.D.important small molecules. Fred Sarazin, Ph.D. Novel inhibitors of trimethylamine Charles Henry, Ph.D.Treatment of non-melanoma skin cancer lyase for the treatment of Composite carbon electrodes for biosensingusing radioactive film therapy (RAFT).rheumatoid arthritis. and energy storage applications. Terry Lowe, Ph.D. Cristos Ifantides, Ph.D.Thomas Hansen, Ph.D.Cost-effective manufacturing for an iSense: A first-in-class therapy Molecular marker for embryo quality andimpact-absorbing hybrid material system for insufficient pupil dilation. embryo transfer success. to prevent sport injuries.2021-2022 BIOSCIENCECOLORADO17'