b'Z Biotech, LLCArdent MillsDairy Tech, Inc.AuroraDenverGreeley zbiotech.comardentmills.comdairytechinc.com Cost-effective biochemical analysisOffers the industrys broadest rangeResearcher and manufacturer focusing solutions with a focus to developof flours, mixes, blends and specialtyon early calf development.innovative microarray and carbohydrateproducts. More than 40 community mills products and related services. and mix facilities, along with a specialtyDVM Systems bakery and a Mobile Innovation Center. Greeley Zalgen Labs, LLCdvmsystems.com Aurora Bond PetsTechnology leader in herd health management. zalgenlabs.comAurora Specializing in the design and productionbondpets.comE.I. Medical Imaging of superior biological molecules critical forIn a process similar to craft brewing, we startLoveland the development and commercializationwith live cells from an animal (no slaughtereimedical.com of reliable, rapid, and affordable diagnosticrequired) and feed them a nutrient-richProvider of portable ultrasounds for platforms, immunotherapeutics andbroth of vitamins and minerals. The sameveterinarian and livestock procedures novel vaccines targeting neglected andones an animal would eat on farm andto create positive business impacts.underrepresented human infectious diseases. field, only without the pharmaceuticals. Emergy Foods CarboAnalyticsBoulder Fort Collinsmeati.com carboanalytics.comWhole muscle, plant-based meat alternative AG BIO AND ANIMAL HEALTHDevelops systems that give accurate sugarcompany.Developed a sustainable, proprietary Advanced Regenerative Therapies (ART)analysis for the brewing and distilling, foodprocess to produce food and ingredients Fort Collinsprocessing and pharmaceuticals industries. and finished goods from fungal mycelium.art4dvm.com Provides a stem cell isolation and expansionCargill ResearchEurofins BDI service for veterinary medicine. Fort CollinsLongmont cargill.comeurofinsus.com Agripro COKERDevelops, processes and markets science- Provides technology-based, scientifically Berthoudbased, health promoting ingredients for foodsound services that cover the entire life agriprowheat.comand dietary supplement industries worldwide. cycle from genetics to seed and plant.Develops and delivers superior wheat seed genetics in North America. Colorado Genetics, Inc. Evolutionary Genomics LovelandCastle Rock/Longmont Animal Health Optionscoloradogenetics.comevolgen.com GoldenProvides livestock embryo-transferIdentifies genes with a high likelihood animalhealthoptions.comresearch, artificial insemination, embryoof commercial value for downstream Offers high quality antioxidants andcollection, freezing and transfer, andvalidation through their proprietary nutritional supplements that meet orinternational import and export services. Adapted Traits platform.exceed industry standards and provide a noticeable benefit to dogs, cats and horses. Colorado Quality Research, Inc.Fluid Dynamic Siphons, Inc. WellingtonColorado Springs Animark, Inc.coloradoqualityresearch.comsiphons.com AuroraLeading innovator in poultry research. Global leader in the manufacture and animark.usdistribution of dosing siphons.Manufactures and sells ultrasound Colorado Serum Companypregnancy detectors and ovulationDenverFront Range Biosciences predictors for livestock breeding. thepeakofquality.comLafayette Supplies veterinary biologic vaccines,frontrangebio.com AnImmune, LLCinstruments, laboratory reagents andProvides industrial-scale tissue culture Goldenserums for the veterinary industry. propagation and advanced breeding Infectious disease-centric company focusedfor plants that will be less susceptible on enhancing efficacy of animal vaccinesConcentricto diseases and mold contamination, using knowledge accumulated throughDenver/Montrealreducing the need to use pesticides.decades of human vaccine technology. concentricag.com Inocucor uses its proprietary microbialGene Check, Inc. Aquatic BioSystemsconsortia technology to combine multipleGreeley Fort Collinsbeneficial bacteria and yeasts into powerfulgenecheck.com aquaticbiosystems.comsoil and plant boosters that are economicalGene Check is a diagnostic laboratory Full-service organism culturing facilityfor farmers and greenhouse growers, andspecializing in veterinary genetics. In specializing in the production and distributionsafe for people and the environment. addition, Gene Check maintains a dynamic of freshwater and marine organismsbiotech research program, including rare for aquatic toxicology, biomonitoringDairy AuthorityDNA sequence and SNP detection.and other research activities. Greeley dairymd.comGeneBiologics A food and animal practice utilizingBoulder the specialties of their veterinarians,genebiologics.net microbiologists and veterinarian technicians. Developing organisms to efficiently convert nitrogen in air or liquid waste streams into a non-toxic, soluble, concentrated, slow-release sustainable fertilizer; and the directed evolution of enzymes for biosensors and renewable energy applications.50 BIOSCIENCECOLORADO 2021-2022'