b'Cerebral Therapeutics Colorado BiofactoryCytoskeleton, Inc.AuroraMonumentDenver cerebraltherapeutics.comcoloradobiofactory.comcytoskeleton.com Combines advanced micro-dosing technologyColorado Biofactory designs proteins andOffers kits for drug screening, signal with proprietary medications to precisely deliverengineers diverse nonconventional microbestransduction and cytoskeletal research treatments to the other side of the blood- to improve planetary health. We aim to reducespecializing in the production of purified brain barrier to improve the lives of patientsour reliance on environmentally degradingproteins and easy-to-use kits to study with uncontrolled neurological diseases. practices and instead regenerate landscapesbiochemical and cellular processes.through innovative biological solutions.CerecinDicerna PharmaceuticalsDenver/Singapore Cogent BiosciencesBouldercerecin.comBoulder/Massachusettsdicerna.com Cerecin is a global healthcare company withcogentbiosciences.comDicerna Pharmaceuticals, Inc., is a almost 20 years of innovation and leadership inCogent Biosciences is a biotechnologybiopharmaceutical company focused brain health and target conditions ranging fromcompany developing real solutions to treaton the discovery and development of memory impairment to neurological diseases. genetically driven diseases. With a focus onRNAi-based therapeutics for diseases the design of rational precision therapies,involving the liver, including rare diseases, Ceria Therapeuticswe are leveraging validated biology toviral infectious diseases, chronic liver Auroraaddress the true underlying drivers ofdiseases, and cardiovascular diseases.ceriatherapeutics.comdisease and provide real hope for patients.We are a preclinical biotechnology company DMCfocused on developing innovative and novel Colorado Histo-Prep (CH-P)Bouldertherapies to treat overactive and nonproductiveFort Collinsdmcbio.com inflammation to promote healing. histoprep.comDMC engineers microbes for the production of Produces high quality slides, clinical chemistrya broad diversity of high-value products withCetya Therapeutics, Inc.and hematology data and fully integrateddevelopment costs and timelines that are moreFort Collinsand detailed seamless pathology reports. than 100x improved over the state of the art.cetyatherapeutics.com Commercializes analogs of the class I isoformColorado Research Partners Edgewise Therapeuticsselective histone deacetylase inhibitor (HDACi)AuroraBoulder largazole, targeting unmet medical needs,Developing novel drugs that blockedgewisetx.com especially in oncology, neurodegeneration,the effects of sugar, including sugarEdgewise Therapeutics is a biotechnology autoimmunity, and hemoglobinopathies. craving, and sugar-induced obesity,company focused on developing novel hypertension, fatty liver and diabetes. therapies for diseases involving skeletal muscle.Cirque CryotechBoulder Colorado Serum Company Editas Medicinecirquecryotech.comDenverBoulder/Massachusetts Theres increasing demand for the efficientthepeakofquality.comeditasmedicine.com cryopreservation of cells, tissues, andSupplies veterinary biologic vaccines,Editas Medicine is building the leading even whole organs. The compoundsinstruments, laboratory reagents andgenome editing company dedicated to treating currently used to protect cells against iceserums for the veterinary industry. patients with genetically defined diseases.crystal formation are themselves toxic, which reduces efficient recovery.Cirque Corden Pharma Eli LillyCryotech can identify drugs that reduceBoulderIndiana that toxicity and improve recovery rates.cordenpharma.comlilly.com Corden Pharma Colorado is the small toLillyis a global healthcare leader that Click Nucleic Acids, Inc.largescale resource for peptides manufacturing. unites caring with discovery to make life Boulderbetter for people around the world.clicknainc.com Crestone, Inc.Combining thiol-ene based click chemistryBoulder EnLiven Therapeuticsand oligonucleotide synthesis tocrestonepharma.comBoulder produce a new class of oligonucleotideDrug discovery and development companyEnLiven Therapeutics focuses on the and polynucleotide derivatives. focused on developing novel treatmentsdiscovery and development of next generation for serious bacterial infections. small molecule treatments for cancer. ClinImmune LabsAurora CSL Behring Entero Trackclinimmune.comPennsylvaniaAurora Comprises five laboratories to providecslbehring.comenterotrack.com services to kidney, heart, lung, pancreas,CSL Behring is a leading global biotechNext generation monitoring of and hematopoietic stem cell transplantcompany driven by its promise to savegastrointestinal allergic diseases.programs around the world. and improve lives. We manufacture remedies for serious and rare diseases.Enveda BiosciencesBoulderClovis Oncology, Inc. BoulderCytocomenvedabio.com clovisoncology.comFort CollinsAt Enveda, were harnessing the complexity Focused on acquiring, developingcytocom.comof the natural world to tackle todays and commercializing innovative anti- Cytocom, Inc. is a clinical-stagebiggest healthcare challenges. With cancer agents in the US, Europe andbiopharmaceutical company developing novelbreakthrough advancements in machine additional international markets. immunotherapies targeting autoimmune,learning, computational metabolomics, and inflammatory, infectious diseases andknowledge graphs, were discovering the next cancers based on a proprietary platformgeneration of small molecule therapeutics. designed to rebalance the bodys immune system and restore homeostasis. 2021-2022 BIOSCIENCECOLORADO45'