b'B Y J E A N N E M C A D A R A , P H. D .T hroughout human history, even the greatest threats to human life and wellbeing have spurred innovation, HEALTHcreativity, and a heroic drive to overcome the challenge of the moment and secure a INNOVATORSsafer future. Faced with the sudden, urgent call of the COVID-19 pandemic, members of LAUNCHColorados life sciences community stepped up to save lives, adapt to the unanticipated INVENTIONSburdens on our healthcare workers and systems, and, ultimately, curb the impact PROMPTEDof COVID-19 on global public health. The success of these breakthroughs, a few of BY THEwhich are shared below, are sure to last long beyond this pandemic.PANDEMIC Darwin Biosciences Starts Up and Makes a DifferenceIt was early March 2020. Nicholas Meyerson, Ph.D., had just co-founded a new company to develop a new diagnostic technology 4 BIOSCIENCECOLORADO 2021-2022'